Techguru-India's best Student and Resource Person Connecting Platform Techguru-India's best Student and Resource Person Connecting Platform Techguru-India's best Student and Resource Person Connecting Platform


About Us


Techguru is a new age online search platform that provides a host of personalized educational services in every domain for every student. We connect students with a pool of highly-qualified and expert teachers/trainers/consultants available nearby, freeing them from the hassles of for space and time. Through our platform, we instantly connect every educational need of a student by curating the profiles of hundreds of expert teachers/trainers available with us in every possible domain. As a pure play education services provider, our focus is to equip students with the very best learning resources in a flexible ecosystem with easy affordability.


Student’s Need

A typical Gen Z student seeks to keep pace with the rigours of a modern education system in a highly stressful and competitive atmosphere, waging a lone battle, with no or very little support.

Not many organizations care a dime about what a student goes through.. But, We, at Techguru understand it the best. Techguru designs the most empathetic and student-friendly academic support programs to help them cope with the increasing demands of the academia as well as the professional careers.

At a time when so many schools/colleges compromise the bright future of students by simply manage with very limited faculty or, less qualified teachers on very little infrastructure or learning facilities, We, at Techguru offer the best possible personalized learning solutions.

Based on the interest and convenience of the student, our learning solutions deliver the best of learning resources to support their learning needs, much more than what the formal institutions offer.

We understand the value of comprehensive learning for a student as he/she seek to graduate from school/college and move onto the next stage of life, without any gaps in the teaching-learning process.

Well! How do we support the Faculty who deserve the most rewarding opportunities? Teachers always value their freedom, academic integrity and professional honour the most. How do we ensure that? How do we make sure a teacher makes a decent remuneration for his skills/knowledge that he/she possesses?

Through our personalized teaching opportunities, a faculty can easily supplement his regular income and aspire for a decent quality of life. Techguru provides a veritable platform to even the fresh graduates or jobless youth as well as retired persons having a natural flair and passion for teaching and mentoring.

In the dynamically changing word, industry needs keep changing by the day. So, the learning needs of students go way beyond examination-oriented learning of various subjects. Students must learn to apply their knowledge and skills in all situations in life, including jobs and profession. Hence, we at Techguru make sure that our valued learners become industry ready with conceptual clarity, analytical acumen and problem solving skills in their subjects.